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Acre, Outremer
Acton, Massachusetts
Angers, Maine-et-Loire, France
Arlington, Massachusetts
Arlington Cemetery, Virginia
Arlington Street, Boston
Bazas, Gironde, France
Belmont, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Berne, Switzerland
Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Bordeaux, Gironde, France
Boston, Lincolnshire, England
Boston, Suffolk Massachusetts
Boston Temple
Bountiful, Davis, Utah
Brigham City, Utah
Brick-End House
Buckman Tavern
Acre, Outremer Important city in the ancient Holy Land, birthplace in 1272 of 22GGM Joan of Acre, last city held by the Crusaders in the Levant before its capture in 1291, when Grandma Joan was 18. By then, she was safely back in England.
Acton, Massachusetts Early home of our Middlesex pioneer Ancestors
How did they meet? He from Acton, she from Billerica? Answer: in Carlisle, which didn’t yet exist.
Map of Greater Boston, centered on Carlisle.
Part included in the Second District of Carlisle, 1780
Evolution of Acton’s Boundaries: Topographical map
Acton boundaries, 1735
Oliver Wheeler’s homestead
Acton’s North Cemetery
Wheeler Lane in Acton context
Wheeler Mill
Acton boundaries by 1757
Acton boundaries by 1954 Acton from Carlisle's point of view:
Part of Acton became Carlisle
Wheelers “of Acton” settled in Carlisle
Wheeler Lane
Carlisle Road
North Cemetery
Carlisle town line
Jonathan Wheeler
Jonathan Wheeler’s homestead
Oliver Wheeler I
Oliver Wheeler II
Heroes at Concord Bridge
Acton’s men were prominent (fatally so) in the action at the Bridge. Minute Men not typically reckless youths.
Oliver II & Hepzibah Munroe Wheeler
Oliver I & Abigail married 10 Oct 1747in Acton
Oliver II & Hepzibah married “in Acton”
Hannah & Oliver Wheeler III
Abi Wheeler
Angers, Maine-et- Loire, France In 1106, 29GGM Bertrade de Montfort visited her estranged husband, 29GGF Foulques IV, in company with Philippe I of France, her current squeeze.
Directed youth chorus at District Conference, Angers, 1 Jul 62
Elder Bob Miller transferred from Rennes to Angers
Picked up the Angers district on our way to the conference in Paris
All-day conference of the missionaries in Brittany.
Yet another conference in Angers for the missionaries in Brittany.
Jacques Leroy has been baptized at Angers. The family is finally all together in the Church.
20 Jun 62: Went to Paris; took me as far as Angers.
Baptized in Angers the next day, 1 July 62. Very impressive baptismal service in the River Maine.
Came with us to Priesthood conference in Angers the same day
Came to Angers conference 30 Jun 62
Directed youth chorus at District Conference, Angers, 1 Jul 62
Spoke at Angers conference 30 Jun 62
Took seven of our Priesthood brethren from the branch to Angers in the “casserole”
Elder Allen called a missionary conference of the zone at Angers
Late 62 (photo, perhaps in Angers)
The first two MJM to get to 30 points will get to go with the full-time missionaries to a zone conference at Angers
We’ve scheduled a trip to Tours, Angers, and Le Mans
Brother Defaye had to stay in Le Mans for the morning and then join us at Angers
Met with President Olive at Angers
Joined visitation group in Angers
17 Oct 62 took me back to Angers
Elder Miller picked up the ZAPs to go to Angers.
President Desquines and I are off to visit the branches again. We’ll have a lot to do at Le Mans, at Angers, and at Tours.
Always recognized and admired the magnificent, ancient solidity of the Château d’Angers, headquarters of the Counts of Anjou in the ninth century and afterward. Decades would pass before I’d awake to the knowledge that Foulques Nerra and Geoffrey V “the Fair” were direct ancestors of ours.
Pappy and I were on our way to Angers when we learned that a missionary had been killed by a train.
Pappy labeled this shot “Grève Angers”
Arlington, Middlesex, Massachusetts As Menotomy, an early precinct of Cambridge
Purchased our “Timbaloo” in 1973
Joseph Munroe lived in?
We built the house [in Utah], named it “Chankly,” and gave the lawyer [Grandpa] Jonathan’s will as a model for our intra-familial trust agreement.
Joseph Munroe lived in?
Jason Russell House
Jason Russell House: Revolutionary shrine in Menotomy (called Arlington, since 1867)
It’s still the headquarters of the Arlington Historical Society
West Cambridge became Arlington, 1867
Maggie on the kitchen counter at Timbaloo, in Arlington
thirty years as Arlington’s member of the MIT Educational Council
antique locket in pink gold stolen while we lived in Arlington.
Present-day Arlington can claim Uncle Philip Russell, too.
10GGP William and Martha’s descendents are still prominent in Arlington
Arlington (originally and properly Menotomy
Our family’s history abounds in colonial New Towne, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, and in its successor communities of Cambridge, Menotomy (now Arlington), and Lexington.
“The Rocks,” (Arlington Heights) where our kids grew up.
Present-day Arlington can claim him, too.
Duette Photographers, of Court Street, Arlington Center.
I took this driveway shot quite a while later (about 1976) at Timbaloo in Arlington
They became ready for baptism only after we’d moved to Arlington
Then we learned that John and Magdalene Mahairas wanted $49,900 for this place at 82 Appleton Street in Arlington Heights.
Purchased our “Timbaloo” in 1973
Our Arlington investment has provided the financial security of our old age.
The mortgage plot plans of our Burlington and Arlington properties
The Arlington back yard was the biggest in the neighborhood, and when we had to move, it was a major selling point for the property.
Arlington’s Reservoir mostly replaced Beaver Brook
Touchdown Club, organized at Timbaloo
Menotomy Rocks in Arlington.
Valerie known as the “Widder Anderson,”
Arlington to Bergen County, New Jersey
Becky adorns Arlington’s Reservoir Beach.
Brent and Janet, our neighbors
Most of Grandma’s descendants of the third and fourth generations lived in Arlington
Did memorable music things with Dorothy Miller
Organized the “One True” Arlington Ward.
Rick, gathered with the fife-and-drum corps of the Menotomy Minute Men on the lawn of the Jason Russell house, headquarters of the Arlington Historical Society.
Cyrus E Dallin School of Arlington was graced with TWO cute pupils named Rebecca Anderson.
Debbie took me thereby to Ron Riesz, Dispensing Optician on Mass Ave in Arlington.
Debbie studied piano in Arlington with Mary Arapoff McEwen.
Served as Arlington’s representative to the MIT Educational Council
Rebecca contended for the maroon-and-white of the Arlington Soccer League.
Our family was a distinct oddity.
Chris and his girlfriend Mary, in front of the main buildings of Arlington High School
Recruiting dinner with Gordon Williams and Marcia Testa at Jimmy’s in Arlington.
Chris took sweetheart and future spouse Mary Beth Doyle to her prom at Arlington High School
. Tom Butler built Timbaloo in 1907; organized Touchdown Club as a booster club for Arlington High School sports.
Cyndi’ McAvoy prize as the Arlington senior who has done the most to give back to the community more than she takes away.
Met Carl Barber when he came to the Arlington Ward.
Belmont Chapel on the Arlington-Belmont line)
Debbie our fourth Arlington High School graduate
Two Rebecca Andersons at Dallin School
Dredges of Arlington our beloved friends
Boston Temple in Belmont, just over the line from Arlington, near the end of Appleton Street , about a mile from our front door. We of the One True Ward watched it arise from the vantage point of our parking lot.
Dave, an Arlington-resident actor, impersonated Ben Franklin
Called Arlington since 1867, when a lot of American communities took that name in honor of Robert E Lee’s Virginia estate
Headquarters of the Arlington Historical Society.
Stayed in Arlington, for thirty years, while our children grew up
Our Otto stayed in Arlington when we left
Brattle Drug on Mass Ave was no more.
Shari Ajemian, an Arlington neighbor, helped me find and purchase the Angel Band recording
CNN interview at Chris’ and Mary Beth’s in Arlington
CNN in Arlington
Arlington Storm

Locke School, Arlington
Arlington Cemetery, Virginia Sunday morning, the group held a sunrise service at Arlington.
Arlington Street, Boston A twenty-cent token took us from the Arlington stop to anyplace the subway went.
Taught a series of SAT-preparation classes to high-school kids who came in to an upstairs suite on Arlington Street
Bazas, Gironde, France It all went horribly wrong.
Leola died in a clinic in Bazas.
Belmont, Middlesex, Massachusetts 10GGF Ellis Barron’s Watertown home still stands in Belmont
Cousin Frederick Law Olmsted died in McLean Hospital
Mammy with us on Sycamore Sidewalk
The tiny back-yard parking lot at 49 Sycamore Street Enjoyed my first Boston-area Thanksgiving at the Raes’ home.
My Church activity centered at the Cambridge chapel when we lived in Belmont.
The van Uiterts’ 48ed us on Dean Street.
Valerie found our Waverley kitchen inadequate.
A fancy address.
Beaver Brook, just west of our home in Belmont.
Pappy and Mammy flew in to spend that first Belmont Christmas with us.
Beetle joined us in Belmont.
By my 29th birthday, we had returned to Belmont.
Elder Crosby stayed with us.
We were now to labor out of the “Belmont Apartment” as Member Missionary co-companions.
The boys and I enjoy the early evening on the green couch in Belmont.
Rick enrolled in kindergarten at Butler Elementary school.
Erik is one year old.
Erik’s second birthday; we’re still in Belmont.
They finally got rid of me in 1984 by building the Belmont Chapel.
Beaver Brook Reservation in Belmont remained a favorite playground.
Temple bus excursions would leave Thursday evening from Belmont.
The Bushmans lived on Oak Street.
The new Mission Home in Belmont.
Rick and I helped Mitt and Ann Romney to move from a small house “on the flats” to a bigger place on Belmont Hill.
Home teaching with George Perera with the family of Tom Eagar.
McLean Hospital, where Erik was, in those difficult days.
Belmont chapel required a major reorganization.
Erik’s hospitalization precluded a move to Washington.
Deb and I made music in the Belmont Chapel.
Deb studied piano with Delsie Bakker while we lived in Belmont.
Rick and Laura’s wedding reception.
Belmont Chapel on the Arlington-Belmont line).
Cyndi and Ron’s wedding reception.
Debbie and Tony’s wedding reception.
Boston Temple stands in Belmont, just over the line from Arlington.
Two Belmont Wards share the Belmont Chapel with us.
Amy and Tor’s wedding reception.
Ellis Barron’s house
Festive Arlington Primary brunch
The 20th reunion of The One True Ward on June 26
A bagpipe led us up the hill to the five-year-old Temple
Recalled Home Teaching to the Eagars.
Berne, Switzerland On our way from Geneva to Paris for Christmas, 1967!
Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts Map of Greater Boston, centered on Carlisle.
Part included in the Second District of Carlisle, 1780
Billerica Road, Acton, most likely
Northernmost point in old New Towne
Part became Carlisle
Hepzibah Munroe’s birthplace
Current house on Munroe homestead lot
Granny Hepzibah Section
The Center
Corporal Joe Munroe
Oliver II & Hepzibah Munroe Wheeler
Oliver & Hepzibah married
Doctor Joseph Munroe
Headstones of Oliver I and Abigail Woods Wheeler, parents-in-law of Granny Hepzibah “of Billerica”
The original Acton-Carlisle boundary extended the old Concord-Billerica line.
Billerica resident Nathan Munroe
Carlisle was assembled from pieces of Acton, Billerica, Chelmsford, and Concord.
The Munroe family’s colonial Billerica homesteads now lie in Carlisle
Easy to believe that Oliver Wheeler (of Acton) and Hepzibah Munroe (of Billerica) knew each other.
Hepzibah Munroe Wheeler was born in Billerica
The location of the original Munroe homestead in Billerica.
Corporal Joe” Munroe moved his wife and eleven children from Lexington to West Billerica
Midway between Acton and Billerica.
Hepzibah grew up about a mile from the Wheeler place.
The village centers of Acton and Billerica lie twelve miles apart
30: Five of our direct ancestors built their homesteads within a couple of miles of each other
Dr. Joseph Munroe born in Billerica
I picked up roses for Hepzibah in Billerica
Born in Billerica in 1751 to Nathan and Mercy Benjamin Munroe
Billerica (now Carlisle)
Granny Hepzibah’s Billerica birthplace.
Acton, about a mile from her Billerica birthplace.
Our Munroes “of Billerica”
house in Billerica/Carlisle, with new biographical data
Paul Revere dragged Hancock and Adams Billerica for safety
Michael “Billerica” Bacon
Michael Bacon, father of “Michael Billerica” Bacon
Bound by court to pay costs of raising “Michael Billerica”
Billerica birthplace
Gave birth to “Michael Billerica” Bacon
may have raised “Michael Billerica” Bacon
Billerica birthplace
How did they meet? He from Acton, she from Billerica? Answer: in Carlisle, which didn’t yet exist.
Between Acton and Billerica
Formed from Concord, Billerica, Acton, and Westford
A Seventy in Billerica, 1971-1973
the old road north (leftward) to Billerica and south to “The Rocks,”
The New Towne extended as far north as Billerica.
Hepzibah Munroe
The New Towne extended 35 miles, from Billerica to present Waban
In 1970, we moved to the Billerica Ward
Our first house was in the Billerica Ward
The North Middlesex Branch grew into the Billerica Ward.
Kent Pugmire, our bishop in the Billerica Ward
Billerica Ward
New Church home: the Billerica Ward
The Billerica Ward was strong.
Billerica Ward Teacher Development Director
Billerica Ward Mission Leader
Valerie called to the Stake Primary
Met Ron and Pat Cantera while I was Ward Mission Leader in Billerica.
Allan Clyde immediate past (before our arrival) bishop in Billerica
I’d been Billerica Ward Teacher Development Director
Purchased roses for Hepzibah in Billerica
Kimball’s Farm, within the ancient boundaries of Billerica
Misty Memorial Day morning, I picked up roses in Billerica
That part of Billerica is now in the middle of Carlisle
Events labeled with the names of Concord, Acton, Billerica, and Westford took place on land that now belongs to Carlisle.
Nathan’s farm was just over the Billerica line
Our central couple, Oliver Wheeler of Acton and Hepzibah Munroe of inconveniently far-away Billerica
Harriet’s grandparents, Oliver Wheeler of Acton and Hepzibah Munroe of Billerica, settled in Hillsborough about 1778.
NewTowne stretched 35 miles, from present-day Newton on the south to Billerica on the north.
Michael was “of Billerica” by 1666.
“Michael Billerica Bacon”
The Bacon family apparently moved to Billerica
The Shawsheen runs through both Billerica and Bedford
Their pre-1669 children were all recorded in Woburn, and those born 1672 and after, in Billerica.
Bordeaux, Gironde, France Stayed on the way to Pau, 15 June 1968.
Boston, Lincolnshire, England 10GGM Olive Welby, born 1604 in Moulton, Lincolnshire, England, daughter of 11GGP Richard Welby and Frances Bulkeley.
She married 10GGF Henry Farwell 16 Apr 1629 in St. Botolph’s, Boston, Lincolnshire, England.
Their son 9GGF Joseph Farwell, the fifth of their six children and our third male Plantagenet ancestor since Longshanks, married 9GGM Hannah Learned.
Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts General Court, 1630
Charlestown, originally in Middlesex County, annexed to Boston and to Suffolk County in 1874
Frederick Law Olmsted (as he spelled it) designed Boston’s “Emerald Necklace.”
Carlisle, in Boston‘s Metro West
Lexington, in greater Boston
Leola, a tourist in Boston, 1966
A grandma in Boston, 1966
Valerie and Richard in Boston in November 1965.
Visited Boston 1957
Leola and Duane came to Boston to visit Richard, Valerie, and Ricky in 1966.
Summer, 1966: nearly-year-old Rick accompanies his parents as they move back to Boston
the younger generations pressed on to Boston.
Christmas time, 1966, by chilly Boston Harbor
Leola’s last Boston visit
Arnold Arboretum, in Boston
Michael Paulson of The Boston Globe approached us to find out more about the accident
Life in Plymouth not so somber as life in Boston
Thomas Willett and the Brownes arrived in Boston on September 16, 1632, on board the Lyon
Puritans hanged four Quakers on Boston Common
Thomas Hooker moved a more orthodox group from the Boston area to Connecticut
A legacy by the will of Mr. William Paddy of Boston
Boston-New Amsterdam travel exclusively by ship
Willet’s [sic] special talents needed in Boston
Martha Willett married John Saffin, a merchant of Boston
H. O. Houghton and Company (Boston:1877), p. 7.
Lexington’s location in present-day Greater Boston.
the Wheelers’ right in equity to the property sold to Lewis Tappan and George Searle of Boston.
The storm got to Boston on time.
Ate at Rein’s on our way to Boston for Mary Beth’s graduation festivities
Our honeymoon year in Boston
Boston skyline; Boston Red Sox
“Rush Week.” … brownstone chapter house was in Boston’s Back Bay
Shocked to see a Boston City patrol car triple-parked. By a fire hydrant!
The Sailing Pavilion, with Boston in the background.
East Campus from Boston
The Esplanade in Boston.
49: Looking across the river from Boston
From the Charles River Esplanade, on the Boston side
Bostonians whose memory I cherish
Durgin-Park in Boston.
Bailey’s of Boston
Little commercial contact with Boston
Boston retail people think very highly of themselves and of the value of their time.
Tremont Streets, in Boston’s Theatre District.
Competition for audience in Greater Boston.
I was in Boston/Cambridge, after all.
Free, public concerts in the Boston area.
New York’s Agatha Fassett and Boston’s Serge Koussevitsky.
My first Boston Thanksgiving
Only LDS chapel in greater Boston
The Cambridge Ward of the Boston Stake
No branches in Boston.
Earl Hawkes was publisher and general manager of a major Boston newspaper
Gordon’s and Elaine’s reunion in Boston
We pulled into South Station, Boston
Wilbur W Cox, first Boston Stake President
Many still call Boston the Hub
115 Beacon Street, only three or four doors from the Boston Public Garden.
Magnolias in Boston’s Back Bay.
A block from Boston’s Public Garden?
“Hi, George!”
28: Autumn in BBoston
Boston Stake’s Young Marrieds to Washington, D.C.
Our storybook first year together in Boston.
Boston hospitality.
Durgin-Park in Boston’s market district
Maggie, Boston-Irish-style, brought us extra corn bread, for auld lang syne
Half of our concert tickets came free of charge.
Bicycled the whole school year across the Salt-and-Pepper-Shaker bridge from Boston to Cambridge and back.
Boston Symphony rush seats. For sixty cents a ticket!
Toto, we aren’t in Kansas (nor Boston) any longer.
We felt a lot more broke at Stanford than in Boston
Culture shock from Boston to Stanford.
Boston is a really great place to be poor.
Boston kept us guessing.
Dover Country Store
We focussed on Boston
Cambridge Ward Choir on Louisburg Square
Our epaulets as Boston-area tour-guides
Boston Hospital for Women
A picturesque Boston institution, the New England Home for Little Wanderers.
Completely at home in Boston.
Erstwhile Boston resident, then King of the French Louis Philippe.
George’s Island, in Boston Harbor.
Boston’s Route 128 circumferential highway.
Boston Stake President L Tom Perry
The Boston Stake
Boston metropolitan area with a large Jewish population
Jeff Goldberg, Boston Stake Financial Clerk.
Boston had had its stake since 1963
We called it “BLI:”—Boston Lying-In
Boston Stake grew and was divided
Boston Stake High Council
Boston Stake temple bus excursions
Deborah Ruth Anderson born at Boston Lying-In on September 10.
Arnold Arboretum in Boston…
Fort Warren on Georges Island in Boston Harbor.
Franklin Zoo in Boston
29: The Christmas letter mentions that I was called, late in this bicentennial year, to serve on the Boston Stake High Council. That needs some context.
Boston Stake called the “Ford Stake,”
Grandpa and Grandma Jorgensoncame to Boston
Rebecca Leola Anderson born at Boston Lying-In on May 25
Boston snowed-in
Justin Brent Anderson arrived at Boston Lying-In
My principal treasures, disporting themselves on the margins of Boston Harbor
Brent accepted a teaching position at Northeastern University in Boston.
115 Beacon Street, in Boston’s Back Bay
Father George Perera took a doctorate in communications at Boston University.
Dry Branch performance at Hancock Hall in Boston
Boston Stake Clerk
Boston Stake grew
The full Boston treatment
Returned to Boston, except for Rick
Boston-area alumnus
Boston Common
Boston Lying-In
Regional meeting that Gordon hosted as Boston Stake President
President Romney’s Stake Clerk in Boston
Boston Stake’s ministry to Asian immigrant converts.
Casper, Wyoming: higher average wind velocity than Boston’s.
We biked down to Fort Independence in South Boston
Trot, trot to Boston
Selfish Giant in the Boston Stake play
Marvelously-fecund Boston-area cultural arena
30: My first and only title rôle, as the Selfish Giant in the Boston Stake’s sorta-annual play. The kids were very sweet, and this photo turned out close to amazing.
Mammy assigned me to investigate the Seelys’ Boston-area history
Boston Stake ’s “Project 2000”
Edna’s Boston-area mission
MBTA: Boston’s public transit
Boston Public Garden’s famous swan boats
Boston Camerata
“Make Way for Ducklings,” in the Boston Public Garden
The Boston-area Church continued to grow
Flat Stanley in Boston
State House, Boston
Public Garden, Boston
Copley Square, Boston
New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston headquarters
We revelled in the Boston ambience
2005—Back to Boston
Commencement festivities in Boston
Lunched at the old New Boston Inn
Utah deprives us of Boston-Area music.
Boston Symphony Orchestra rush-seat Fridays
William Billings of Boston
Boston Marathon
Cyndi and Lindsay aspire to “qualify for Boston”.
Boston Temple Boston Temple in Belmont, just over the line from Arlington, near the end of Appleton Street, about a mile from our front door. We of the One True Ward watched it arise from the vantage point of our parking lot.
Broke ground for the Boston Temple.
Boston Temple was dedicated.
President Hinckley dedicated the Boston Temple
Assigned as a sealer to the Boston Temple
Moroni ascended to his perch in Boston
Irreplaceable 2005 photo-op by the Boston Temple.
Bountiful, Davis, Utah Home and aeronautical museum of Alden and Eleen Rigby, where they hosted “planefreak” Bryan, with Tucker and me
Grammatically-strange name for a town?
Brigham City, Utah Early, experimental segment of “I Blame Hepzibah” website project
The Brigham City Homestead (p16)
Rrecords show Grant born in Brigham City
Dancing, not in Brigham City
In the front yard of the Seely homestead in Brigham City.
The Glass Slipper story
Mad Seelys
Seely homestead
The Brigham City Homestead
Rrecords show Grant born in Brigham City
Dancing, not in Brigham City
In the front yard of the Seely homestead in Brigham City.
The Glass Slipper story
Mad Seelys
Mad Seelys at home of Elwyn and Pansy
Withn Myrle Roberts
With Myrle and Florence.
Opening wedding presents.
Boyd Packer: “my dear, dear little teacher!”
Accident clippings from Verna
More clippings
Mike and Deena Goates of Brigham City
With Myrle and Florence
Grandma and Grandpa
Teenage Leola, maybe Myrle
Artie and Alfie with their five adult children
Christmas, 1941
At the Carter ranch
Carters and Seelys
Hurt feelings
Ben Bowring rumors
Elwyn obit
Leola and Boyd Packer
Grace Seely obit
Jim died on 21 Jun 1981
Leola birthplace
Arta McLean Seely
Alfaretta Neff.
Ken Carter obit
November: Brigham City Cemetery
Brigham City Cemetery
Brigham City Cemetery
: Alfa Jean

In 1961, Karen was Brigham City’s Peach Queen. She was also Miss Utah National Guard and held many other pageant titles.
Gwen was born October 16, 1934, at home in Brigham City
Brick-End House Built later at Adams homestead
Current (2002) appearance
Buckman Tavern On Lexington Green: John Hancock left his trunk upstairs, whence Paul Revere and John Lowell had to rescue it, as the redcoats approached
Portraits of Matthew and Abigail Russell Bridge in upstairs chamber
Portraits of Matthew and Abigail
Buckman Tavern, Lexington
Upstairs where the tourists don’t normally go
The other John Hancock
Primary target of redcoats
John Lowell and Paul Revere rescued John Hancock’s trunk
Muzzey/Buckman Tavern
Buckman Tavern
The house labeled “Muzzey 1692”
June: Buckman Tavern
2002: Lexington—Buckman Tavern
Permission to go upstairs
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