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Known issue of Thomas and Mary:
  1. Martha Willett, married John Saffin, a merchant of Boston and had eight sons; four of them were mentioned in Thomas Willett’s will.

  2. Esther Willett, b. July 6, 1647

  3. Hezekiah Willett, born and died in 1651

  4. Rebecca Willett died April 2, 1652

  5. James Willett, mentioned in will

  6. Hezekiah Willett, mentioned in his father’s will, killed by Indians at the Willett plantation in Swansea.

  7. Andrew Willett, mentioned in will

  8. Samuel Willett, mentioned in will

  9. Thomas Willett

  10. Mary Willett, married Samuel Hooker (our seventh great-grandparents)

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