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The blue search bar initiates a Google search within my "" site for whatever word or phrase you enter in it. If, (e. g.), you enter “Timbaloo”, it tells Google:
“ timbaloo”
WARNING: As you’ll see in the url bar at the top of the Google report, Google insists perversely on inserting a space after the colon in your command, thereby suppressing most of the “matches” it should return to you. Fortunately, you can usually improve its yield by (manually) deleting that space.

Even after this correction, it won’t necessarily give you everything that’s there to be found, but it should get you into the site, where (I hope) the internal links will guide you around. Try “missionary,” for example.

Let me warn you: nothing in is on Google’s list of revenue sources, and the Google search engine won’t look very hard for what you want. Much of what it returns may not be what you wanted at all, but sometimes you can focus its attention by responding to “helpful” bits in the Google report, such as:

  “Did you mean: site: timballo?”

or perhaps:

  “Missing: timbaloo | Must include: timbaloo”
Don’t ask me to explain such behavior. Please feel free to be creative, and let me know what you discover: you may succeed where Rick and I haven’t.

Good luck. Among other things, this is a genealogical document; accordingly, I’ve tried to index people and places thoroughly: you’ll find links to those alphabetical indexes at the bottom of every page. And the hypertext is full of links that will lead you around among related passages, when you click them.

n.b. The Site Search link at the bottom of any page will bring you back here.

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