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BrighamCity Seely family gravestones in the Brigham City Cemetery, Utah, November 2001. Lightly commented slideshow
Carlisle Five ancestral Homesteads and sixteen direct ancestors in Carlisle, Massachusetts. [History in hypertext], bringing together our Wheeler, Munroe, Russell, and Adams lines in one New England community.
Caroline Progeny and pioneering kin of our (4G) Aunt Clarissa Caroline Wheeler Sawyer of Salem, Farmington, Freedom, and Michigan, clarifying a century-old family mystery [History in hypertext].
GrannyHepzibah Fascinating stories of family members buried in the Hillsborough Center Cemetery in New Hampshire. ’Specially Hepzibah. [History in hypertext].
IsaacDecker Great-great-great-grandpa Isaac Decker. His moving story, and a report on our project to mark his grave. [History in hypertext].
Jorgensons My children’s maternal kin, summarized by Crystal Jorgenson Packard.
Leola A Gedenkschrift, prepared for the occasion of Leola Seely Anderson’s 100th birthday, 19 June 2010. At her birthplace in East Mill Creek, Utah, we presented a printed copy to the current owner of the house. We’ve continued to expand and correct this hypertext version, as new material has come to hand recounting her life in prose and photographs. [History in hypertext].
LittleNeck A Little Neck full of Worshipful Peacemakers: (8GP) Thomas and Mary Browne Willett, and her parents (9GP) John and Dorothy Browne, buried at East Providence, Rhode Island. [History in hypertext].
MayflowerDescendants Our descent from four of the Mayflower Pilgrims, with extensive links to pictures and stories of those in the line. [History in hypertext].
Nauvoo2001 36 family members who took part in the 19th-century “Mormon” experience in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois. [History in hypertext].
NeffBook Alfa Jean Carter’s Big Neff Book, a superb collection of pictures and other documents about our heritage through John and Mary Barr Neff of Pennsylvania, Nauvoo, Winter Quarters, and East Mill Creek. She put it together for her kids and graciously permitted me to scan it and to share it with you. Uncommented slideshow.
NewTowne Our family’s history abounds in colonial New Towne, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, and in its successor communities of Cambridge, Menotomy (now Arlington), and Lexington. [History in hypertext].
OliverAndHannah In his threescore-and-twelve years, our elusive great-great-great-great grandfather Oliver Wheeler III (1782-1854) and his wife Hannah Ashby resided in four communities on the American frontier. Their daughter Harriet Page became famous in the West and told historians an inaccurate version of their story. I’ve dug up some of the pertinent facts. [History in hypertext].
Pappy A hypertext rendering of the PowerPoint presentation that Brent displayed and commented at our commemorative gathering for the hundredth birthday of our Pappy, H Duane Anderson [History in hypertext].
SaltLakeCemetery A visitor’s guide to the resting places of 16 ancestors and other close kin of my Mammy, Leola Seely Anderson, in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. I’ve got a printed version, in case you get a chance to visit and wish to carry it with you. [History in hypertext].
Sandisfield-Colebrook Principal findings from visits in 2005, 2007, and 2009 to the adjacent communities of Sandisfield, Massachusetts, and Colebrook, Connecticut, where our Stillman, Smith, Hurd, Rockwell, and other lines converged in the eighteenth century. [History in hypertext].
Seely kindred Photo-essays by esteemed cousins who descend from my Grandpa Seely’s younger brother Don Ralph Seely, introducing and elaborating segments of Don Ralph’s ancestry and progeny. [History in hypertext].
Such a Life An annotated photo-album-cum-personal history, in progress and in hypertext, relating (thus far) my early life and acknowledging the Lord’s goodness to me. Corrections and commentaries eagerly solicited. [History in hypertext].
ThisIsThePlace In the valley of the Great Salt Lake, in 1847, at the mouth of Emigration Canyon, and surrounded by members of our family, Brigham Young said, “This is the right place; drive on.” Or something to that effect. Accounts vary as to what was said, but it’s pretty clear who was there. And that they were ours. Now there’s an impressive monument, in a lovely historical Park. [History in hypertext].
Uncles Over the past nine hundred years or so, our grandchildren (ten of ’em, as of 2008) have had a startling variety of interesting uncles. Either by blood or by marriage, these men are part of our heritage. Hugely diverse: some famous, some obscure; mostly admirable, some debatable, and a couple just regrettable. But all interesting. The Book of Uncles presents life sketches of several of them. I’ve prepared a personalized print version of the book for each grandchild.[History in hypertext].
Watertown Among the 115 households that came with Sir Richard Saltonstall to the founding of historic Watertown, Massachusetts in 1630, at least eight were headed by our direct ancestors. Also a few uncles and cousins. Through marriage, we’re allied to most of these pioneers. Watertown should get more respect than it does. It surely holds treasure for us. [History in hypertext].
WilliamAndMary William “The Immigrant” and Mary Ball Munroe lie near the entrance to the Old Lexington Burial Ground. Nearly three centuries after they put him here, Grandpa William still leans tenderly toward Grandma Mary. When she died in 1692, her stepson John Munroe had just donated this Ground to the Precinct of Cambridge Farms, in the Towne of Cambridge in His Majesty’s Province of Massachusetts Bay, and she was among the first to be buried here. Nobody would have predicted such a place of honor and distinction for Mary in 1672, when she reached her majority. Had William and his Martha not rescued her then…but I get ahead of myself. [History in hypertext].
Elements of our family’s amazing story are scattered through these vignettes. The Stories outline index pulls together some of the related bits and pieces across section boundaries.

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