back James “Goodman” Adams
Lapham1 cites “a former town historian” as his authority for identifying our 9GGF James Adams as “the first white man to settle within the limits of our Town…. He was born in Carlisle, Cumberland County, England, and was banished by Oliver Cromwell in 1640 for political offenses. In 1662, he married our 9GGM Priscilla Ramsden of Concord. Between the years 1654 and 1662 he built his house between what is now Valleyhead Hospital and the Brick-End house next door. His old gambrel-roofed house has since been moved across the street
Around 1929, as Lapham suggests, the structures in this old and undated photo were adapted to the use of Valleyhead Hospital, a mental institution. An outfit called “Assurance Technology” now occupies the main building at left, barely visible above. Also perhaps the“ Brick-End House” at right; I haven’t knocked on the door to check it out. Here’s how they look today.
1Donald A. Lapham, Carlisle, Composite Community (Undated memoir, privately published; NEHGS copy bears author’s autograph and date of Nov. 14, 1970), p. 21.

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