H. Duane Anderson
Here’s my honored Pappy, at his desk in the Mission President’s office at 3, rue de Lota, Paris XVI. His central workplace, from June, 1967, through January, 1969. No other place, I think, so fully captures his mortal experience, from the pinnacle of achievement and joy to the valley of despair. But we get ahead of ourself.
Opening wedding presents   |  Mrs H Duane Anderson   |  Mr and Mrs H Duane Anderson   |  Mr and Mrs H Duane Anderson   |  Mr and Mrs H Duane Anderson, in London   |  Mr and Mrs H Duane Anderson   |  Christmas 1941   |  Christmas 1948   |  Christmas 1957   |  Christmas 1958   |  With Brent at Manti   |  At Manti Temple for Brent’s endowment  |  The Andersons   |  Family Portraits   |  Andersons and Turkeys   |  Anderson Generations   |  Temple Garden   |  Friends Still: the Ellises   |  With Ords and Babbs at table  |  With Babbs and Seelys at table  |  In Victoria, BC Mount Vernon Bern Matterhorn Hyde Park John Harvard; Constitution Hawaii Kieslings   |  Christmas in Paris   |  Turning over the keys   |  Chambord   |  Final Scenes   |  The Accident   |  Portraits, circa 1915 |  With Ruth and Clair, circa 1924 |  With Ruth, Clair, dog, circa 1924 |  Solemn youth group |  Drum |  Academic Mortar-board |  With Bruce Ellis |  Beach monster |  Snow in San Berdoo |  Teacher |  With students |  Baby portrait |  Language lab |  Loved all things French |  Missionary |  Pigeons in Spain, alas |  Colombo |  Crutches |  In mother’s arms |  Family porch scene, circa 1922 |  String of fish, circa 1928 |  Photographer  |  1946: Teaching job in California |  Pappy’s beautiful baby-photography |  In Ogden  |  In Price  |  In Sunset  |  Treasured his real-newspaper-photographer’s-big-black Speed Graphic camera  |  Experimented with backlighting  |  Christmas 1940 in Price, by the fire |  Parents and grandparents by the fire in Price  |  Christmas card, 1941  |  Among Seelys, Christmas 1941 |  Eschewed and objurgated Bolshevism  |  Second Christmas card, 1942  |  Kipling  |  Worked at Ogden Arsenal  |  Composed my 4th-birthday portrait  |  A year later…  |  Chief Family Punster  |  Named “Sunken Heights”  |  Chose San Bernardino  |  35-mm enthusiast Professional photographer  |  Took us to his office  |  Academic regalia  |  First college student in his family   |  Master’s degree in German  |  On the hearth in academic robes  |  Fez, Christmas morning  |  Helped him install kitchen tile  |  Illustrated language instruction with his photos  |  Loved gadgets  |  Took photos for vocabulary exercises  |  Disconsolate in snow  |  Forlorn in snowy driveway Loved Pontiacs  |  Checking snowy oranges Worried about snowy oranges  |  Lord of the manor  |  By the bookcase  |  Three generations  |  “Declining Chair” Pappy’s Corner  |  Valerie treasures writing-board Folks, Brent, Carters, Seelys Nuclear crew  |  Patriarchal Four  |  With Valerie, lemons, snow Hanging out the wash Christmas Greetings, 1946 Photographic Christmas card series Christmas Greetings, 1947 Christmas Greetings, 1948 Christmas Greetings, 1949-1950 Christmas Greetings, 1951 Christmas Greetings, 1952-3 Christmas Greetings, 1954-55 Christmas Greetings, 1956 Christmas Greetings, 1957 Christmas Greetings, 1958 Christmas Greetings, 1959 Christmas Greetings, 1960 Christmas Greetings, 1961 “In due time…” Christmas Greetings, 1962 Christmas Greetings, 1963 Held down the fort with Valerie and Allens Christmas Greetings, 1964 Christmas Greetings, 1965 Badminton, Pontiac  |  Had Bébé painted red Gave us Brigitte  |  In Hesperus caravan Took “Jumpin’ Pinky ” photo Local intelligentsia Very much academically-oriented  |  Steered me to Al Guhin for insurance when I got Hesperus  |  “Andy”, to close friends  |  Played tennis  |  Shutterbugged at my high school graduation  |  Counselor to Stake President Hansen  |  Ordained me a deacon, 1953  |  …a teacher, 1955  |  …a priest, 1957  |  In Seminary class photo Signed Seminary report card as parent In Church Education organization chart Seminary supervisor Took us to USC for Seminary meetings “A lot of love happened there” Caught us in Victorville  |  Ordained me to all Priesthood offices but one  |  Big-time Francophile  |  Delighted at my French Mission call  |  First college student in his family  |  Hadn’t served as a missionary  |  At Bern Temple  |  Finally came to Paris in Jun 63  |  Finally got to Paris while I was there  |  In the Alps  |  On Place de la Concorde. Really.   |  With tour bus group  |  Housed and transported by Chang’s kindness  |  In the Catacombs: “Alas, poor Yorick”  |  Sent Mitt & me to Belgium  |  Traveled with me to Liège Youth Conference  |  Amused by “petit précipice pittoresque,”  |  Visited Flenghis in Luxembourg  |  Fall 1968: Hosted happy sequel to 1963 Auxiliary disaster  |  Hosted visit of auxiliary leaders  |  Remembered in Bern 1 Mar 64   |  Witnessed our sealing  |  Came to our wedding; thought we were rushing it  |  Witnessed our marriage  |  In our reception line  |  Would have been distressed if we’d eloped  |  Worried about our finances  |  Had us pick up Gaby and drive her home  |  Gave us Brigitte  |  Gave us Polaroid camera  |  Four patriarchal generations  |  Stayed out of dispute between Mammy and me  |  Got haircuts from George Robinson  |  Showing off Rick in San Diego  |  Tickled to find KFC in Dakota  |  With baby Rick on Sycamore Sidewalk  |  Insisted Rick dress as a missionary  |  Got out to see the pretty  |  Came to our first Belmont Christmas  |  Sang in Louisburg Square  |  Old Ironsides  |  Kvelled at Faculty Club  |  At the airport  |  On Their Way to Paris  |  Shot in black-and-white  |  French grateful for him  |  Presidential Pappy  |  Chose Citroën over Mercedes  |  Injured in accident  |  Returned to States for surgery  |  Appended entries to Mammy’s journal  |  Came to Belmont for our first Christmas there  |  Pleaded not to be released  |  Reassured Pau people  |  With Mammy, at the airport  |  Added Tricolore to presidential desk  |  Posed with departing Harts  |  With Mammy, flowers  |  With Mammy, Hunters, Christiane Lebon  |  at Keukenhof, in deck of a ship in Norway  |  Again, with Hunters and Mammy, in Bordeaux  |  Impressed with the Pyrenees  |  On camel, in Morocco  |  Received Bombinette  |  Recorded May riots  |  Call from Pau  |  Rode shotgun in Bombinette  |  We agreed to go back with him  |  Completed Mammy’s journal  |  Released January 1969  |  Lonely without Mammy  |  Mammy urged remarriage  |  Assigned me to coach local leaders  |  Appended entries to Mammy’s journal  |  Wrote personal release letter to Valerie  |  Assigned me as his principal traveling companion  |  Pappy on the Pavés  |  Took us to District and Zone conferences  |  Hosted auxiliary gathering  |  In Limoges  |  Favorite Mitt story  |  Read Scrooge  |  Loved missionaries, and vice versa  |  Captured Winders in Blue Room  |  Favored us in garlic kerfuffle  |  composed informal Christmas letter   |  Hadn’t started his dessert  |  In front of Boulangerie - Patisserie  |  Set up Rick piano shot  |  “Hang eet een your ear!”  |  Hit hard by news of missionary accident  |  Opened Bayonne, Biarritz, Pau  |  With Mammy on the beach at Biarritz  |  With Mammy at Bordeaux conference  |  On a megalith in Carnac  |  …Limoges  |  With missionaries and Bombinette in Limoges  |  Took us to Spain twice  |  Responsible for Iberia and North Africa  |  Returned for the sake of the people in Pau  |  Toured with Waverley Root  |  Beholding the Poitiers skyline   |  Moved to Olivewood Lane   |  Disposed of the 16th Street homestead; moved to Olivewood Lane Proud of his roses   |  Christmas, 1971   |  Mammy urged remarriage  |  Provo Senior Singles   |  In Oakland for Brent’s and Janet’s marriage  |  At Taits’  |  In Provo for graduation  |  Decided we should get Brunnhilde  |  In Cambridge for my Harvard Commencement  |  Bedroom ornament  |  In Arlington to meet Timbaloo  |  At marriage of Scott & Ruth | Ordained me a High Priest  |  At marriage of Scott & Ruth  |  Patriarchal blessings on way home  |  Rick’s string playing ran a bit folky for him  |  Contributed Harvard Classics to our shelves  |  Worried about guitar-playing Brent’s politics | Worried about guitar-playing Brent’s politics  |  Called Brent & Janet “The Bwumet“ | Called Brent & Janet “The Bwumet“  |  Called on mission to Sri Lanka | Joined Rotary  |  Called on mission to Sri Lanka  |  Four-generation gathering in Batesville  |  With Norma in Boston   |  With Norma and Justin in the parlor  |  At Debbie’s graduation  |  “Good night, Pappy”> (1913-1995)  |  Bequeathed me generalized cravatophobia  |  First of his family to attend college  |  Also bequeathed a loathing of dancing  |  In Leroy Robertson’s household  |  Paid college tuition with coal | Referred to “our team” | Left a fragmentary personal history | Opened wedding presents, 1936 |  Bwumet Reception  |  Neighbor to Curt Allen’s folks  |  Not thrilled with snow in Sunset  |  Generational Portraits | Christmas in Sunset, 1965  |  Holidays in Sunset | Thanksgiving in Sunset, 1963 |
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