Chapter Five: Retirement, 2003-
So now we’re Utahns.
Feet first.
While we waited on the construction of our new “Chankly1 in Davis County, Valerie’s sister Crystal and her husband Ron Packard kindly rented us a cottage they owned in Sugar House in southeastern Salt Lake City, about a mile south of the duplex where our Cyndi and her Ron Ralston had lived for some time. The address, as the 2002 Christmas letter announced, was 1520 East Redondo Avenue.2 Just a block from Sugar House Park (the former State Prison grounds). A pleasant enough neighborhood.

1In case you hadn’t noticed, we borrowed our sobriquet for the new place from the same poem that had supplied us with “Timbaloo!,” thirty years earlier, not to mention the “ Sieve and Crockery Jar”, nine years before that: “The Jumblies,” by Edward Lear. Which says not only
O Timbaloo! how happy we are!…
…but also
We too shall go to sea in a sieve
To the Hills of the Chankly Bore.
The house, we decided (well, Valerie went along with only a gentle rolling of her sweet eyeballs), would be Chankly. The Hills are pretty obvious, in Davis County. I, my lords, am The Bore, at your service.
2Curiously, after we had already left Sugar House, I was reading a fragmentary personal history Pappy had written and discovered that he had lived on Redondo Avenue, back in the 1930s, before he married our Mammy. He didn’t provide any details that would enable us to figure out just where on Redondo he’d lived: the street consists of several short segments, stretched across most of the City.
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