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1New Towne, Massachusetts Bay Colony 34Lexington: Town Limits
2Early Boundaries 35Lexington: Town Limits
3Our Cambridge Heritage 36Lexington: Russell Homestead
4Our Cambridge Homesteads 37Lexington: Munroe Homestead
5Our Pioneer Ancestors 38Timbaloo, at The Rocks
6Our descent from the pioneers 39Lexington, Woburn Street
7The Old Burying Ground 40Lexington, Woburn Street
8Our Kin in the Old Burying Ground 41Lexington: ’Scotland’
9Oliver and Hepzibah Wheeler 42Lexington: ’Scotland’
10Plan of The Old Burying Ground 43Lexington: ’Shaker Glen’
11Barron Relatives 44Lexington: ’Scotland’
12Farwell Relatives 45The Old Burial Ground, Lexington
13Russell Relatives 46The Old Cemetery, 1692
14Russell Relatives 47The Annex Cemetery, 1747
15Our Blood Relatives 48The Proprietors' Cemetery, 1835
16Our Kin in the Old Burying Ground 49Our Munroe Descent
17Peter Barron and Mary Coolidge 50Our Russell Descent
18Joseph & Stephen Coolidge, John Farwell 51WilliamAndMary Munroe
19Mary Russell & Lieutenant John Dickson 52William "The Immigrant" Munroe
20Abigail & Edward Russell 53Mary Ball Munroe
21Hubbard & Mary Russell 54John Hancock and Jonas Clarke
22Prudence Russell & Nathaniel Hancock 55Robert and Anne Munroe
23Anna & Samuel Bridge 56William and Ruth Munroe Tidd
24Levi Bridge 57Rugg cousins
25Cambridge Farms (Lexington) 58Nathan and Ruth Tidd Chandler
26Cambridge Farms 59Captain John Parker
27Lexington: Early Settlers 60Colonel William Munroe
28Lexington, Early Settlers 61Philip and Joanna Russell
29Lexington: Munroe and Russell Homesteads 62Phebe and Mary Russell
30Lexington: Munroe and Russell Homesteads 63William Russell & Mary Bridge
31Lexington: Early Grants 64Matthew Bridge & Abigail Russell
32Lexington: Munroe and Russell Homesteads 65Matthew & Abigail Portraits
33Lexington: Topographic 66John Bridge & Anna Herrick & Sarah Tidd
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