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Berkshire-i Treasure Cities: Sandisfield and Colebrook
Berkshire-ii Contents
Berkshire-1 Sandisfield, Massachusetts
Berkshire-2 The Stillmans
Berkshire-3 Proprietors’ Book
Berkshire-4 Proprietors’ Page 73
Berkshire-5 Proprietors’ Page 73, transcription
Berkshire-6 Proprietors’ Page 75
Berkshire-7 Proprietors’ Page 75, transcription
Berkshire-8 Proprietors’ Page 62
Berkshire-9 Proprietors’ Page 62, transcription
Berkshire-10 Forty Shillings from Eastham
Berkshire-11 John and Rachel Robbins Stillman
Berkshire-12 Appleton Stillman
Berkshire-13 Appleton and Amanda Hurd Stillman
Berkshire-14 Beech Hill Cemetery
Berkshire-15 Beech Hill Cemetery
Berkshire-16 Robert & Zipporah Chappell Stillman
Berkshire-17 Robert & Zipporah Chappell Stillman
Berkshire-18 Seven Little Stillmans
Berkshire-19 A ghost story
Berkshire-20 Benjamin and Ruth Snow Smith
Berkshire-21 Benjamin and Ruth Snow Smith
Berkshire-22 Benjamin and Ruth Snow Smith
Berkshire-23 Benjamin and Ruth Snow Smith
Berkshire-24 Daniel and Rebecca Smith Hurd
Berkshire-26 Beech Plain Cemetery
Berkshire-27 Norton and Willard
Berkshire-28 New Boston Inn

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