And Back in Keokuk
So after being on the road since mid-May, we leave our forever home place and set our sights once again westward, toward what has become, alas, our final destination. Not to neglect our precious mid-continent descendants, we stay a while in Keokuk.

In those days, I was having a bit of trouble swallowing my many pills (Pappy called his “nostrums;” collectively, his “pharmacopoeia”) and therefore made it a point to keep on hand some rod-shaped pretzel sticks to “push ’em down with.” Aldi, on Main Street, sold ’em in big plastic screw-top barrels with which I “organized” our garage.
cigar cigar cigar
In Rachel’s hand and mouth, on the the ninth of July., they took on the character of toddler cigars:
cigar cigar cigar
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