2002: Back to Hillsborough
VHep MeHep
Nearly sixty years, I’ve cherished the photo of Mammy and Valerie being beautiful by the lemon tree in San Bernardino. And in recent days, I’d occasionally kicked myself for never introducing my sweet partner to my other vastly-influential female ancestor. It’s true that Valerie has tended to accompany me on my wanderings among treasure-places only when we could piggyback such upon visits to our grandchildren. But, as far as I recalled until today, we’d never paid our respects together to Granny Hepzibah, and I was sorry for that.

Imagine, therefore with what joy I came upon these images in the inadequately-organized files in MeiKuo, my current MacBook Pro. True, I’ve blocked out a great deal of what happened in the dreadful year of 2002, but this I’d much rather have remembered.

It’s rather a schlep up to New Hampshire from Timbaloo, and since moving back home in 1973, we hadn’t undertaken it all that often. But on this evidence I can rejoice that Valerie did, once, accompany me to Hillsborough Center. It wasn’t drizzling, this time, nor did I linger an hour to report to Granny Hepzibah, nor another to fill in the gaps in my photographic documentation of this central sacred place of our family. But at least we did get together, the three of us. Once.
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