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Watertown-iWatertown (front cover)
Watertown-iiPage Index (inside front cover)
Watertown-1Before Boston was a town…
Watertown-2A Bun for a Bass
Watertown-3Clapp’s Landing
Watertown-4Founders’ Monument
Watertown-5Map of Landings
Watertown-6Two Landing Locations
Watertown-7Sir Richard’s Landing
Watertown-8Gerry’s Landing
Watertown-9Toward Elmwood
Watertown-10from Elmwood
Watertown-11Elmwood Marker
Watertown-13Saltonstall’s words
Watertown-14To the Founders
Watertown-15Philips protest
Watertown-16Founders’ List
Watertown-17Arnold to Holden
Watertown-18Hosier to Woodward
Watertown-19Descent from Founders
Watertown-20John Prescott
Watertown-21Founder ancestors
Watertown-22Some Specifics
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