2017—A Tough Year for the Seelys
Lee, Karen, Jim, Grace, Kent, F Leland (Jim), Glen, Gwen, Joyce
This was the handsome brood of my Mammy’s big brother Jim (he never wanted to go by Francis Leland) and Grace Thompson Seely. Seven dear cousins, though I’ve been (and remain) really close only to Jim and Kent.

The ladies standing second from the left and second from the right, Karen Seely Galloway and Gwen Seely Goates, both left us this year: Karen in April and Gwen in November, leaving only Glen, Jim, and Kent still on this side of the Veil.
When we’d visit from California, back in the Fifties, the family ran the Seely Motel on the main drag in Brigham City. While the parents hobnobbed, Jim and Kent and Brent and I would repair to the pool table in the basement, where the cousins would routinely slaughter us visitors.
By the kindness of cousin Jim, a delightful collection of Seely reminiscences resides at
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