Karen Seely Galloway (1941-2017)
Excerpts from Karen’s obituary:

In 1961, Karen was Brigham City’s Peach Queen. She was also Miss Utah National Guard and held many other pageant titles.

Karen graduated from Box Elder High School. She received her B.S. in Education from Weber State and her Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix. She taught Keyboarding and Business to high school students for over 40 years; 25 of which were in Niwot, Colorado.

She served an LDS mission teaching students at the LDS Business College in Salt Lake City. Karen loved to travel and visited Australia, China, Europe, the Caribbean, and Panama Canal just to name a few.
She was a cat lady and loved her fur babies Dusty and CC dearly. She was the life of the party and really enjoyed going out to lunch, shopping, dancing, and a good Diet Coke.
Karen At Karen’s funeral in April, Jim (or maybe it was Kent) told me that their dad, Francis Leland (Jim) Seely had competed successfully for their mother Grace’s ’s affections against a young man named Irvin Maddox, later proprietor of the Maddox Ranch House Restaurant in Perry, Utah. No sore loser he: Maddox catered Karen’s funeral as a posthumous tribute to Grace.
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