H Duane Anderson
When I turned 18 in February of 1959, I would normally have left the Priests’ Quorum by receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood and the office of Elder, in the vicinity of my birthday. But Pappy had ordained me to all the preceding Priesthood offices of Deacon, Teacher, and Priest in San Bernardino, and he and I agreed that that was a desirable tradition. So, it was not until December that I underwent the necessary interview from President John Carr of the New England Mission (then our ranking local ecclesiastical leader) and received authorization for Pappy to ordain me. Which he did on New Year’s Day, 1960, while I was back in San Bernardino for Christmas break, in the joyful company of family and visiting relatives.
A decade later, on 19 May 1970, old friend and then Mission President Paul H Dunn would whisk me out of the Elders’ Quorum by calling and ordaining me a Seventy, as a part of inaugurating what he called enthusiastically the "Decade of the Seventies," and shifting my Church activity definitively in the direction of missionary work.
Paul Harold Dunn
Shortly thereafter, we Andersons undertook a three-year digression from our membership in what was by then the Cambridge Ward of the Boston Stake, investing in our first house on Hearthstone Drive in Burlington, only a few miles north of Waverley but within the boundaries of the very different Billerica Ward of the brand-new Merrimack Stake. alt
Richard Lyman Bushman
We were happily back in the Cambridge Ward by National Bicentennial Year 1976, when third (and brand-new) Boston Stake President Richard L Bushman called me to his High Council, remarking that I was now going to be “famous”, and entailing my ordination to the office of High Priest. Pappy performed the ordination 14 November 1976.
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