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Smith properties Looking eastward (and a bit north) across the foundation of the departed south wing of the Nauvoo house, we see its white cornerstone in the distance to the right.
And thereunder lies a tale, for which I have to thank Elder Webb of the (RLDS) Joseph Smith Historical Center. The best possible thanks, of course, would be that I remember it accurately. Which I’m not sure I do. Hope somebody can provide details and documentation.
The story goes that Joseph Smith concealed the original translation manuscript of the Book of Mormon under that stone, to keep it out of enemy hands. Where it stayed for 35 years, until Emma Smith Bidamon mentioned it on her deathbed.

Water had leaked in and damaged the document severely. The Community of Christ* still owns it, although portions reside in Salt Lake.

This shot looks back the other way from the cornerstone toward the House. You can see part of the depression in the ground that indicates the boundary of the former building.
*As the Reorganized Church (formerly RLDS) now calls itself.
Nauvoo House Cornerstone
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