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Homestead and Store
According to the very pleasant and well-prepared RLDS guides who showed me around, the bodies of Joseph and Hyrum Smith were concealed under the Spring House, near the middle of the image, until the 1920s. The Homestead, at right, includes the original log cabin that was the first home of the Smiths in Nauvoo. Also later additions. It remained in the family long after the Utah Church departed.

Joseph Smith’s Red Brick Store, visible through the trees at left, was the site of many significant events in Nauvoo. Including, if I understand correctly, some of the earliest temple endowment ceremonies. The original building has vanished, unless you count a wall in a Hotel Nauvoo dining room that the owners say was made of those same red bricks. The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,* owner of all the Smith properties, has reconstructed the Store from the ground up and runs it as an historical museum. I visited the Store but don’t seem to have taken any pictures. Here are some postcard shots of its interior.

*“RLDS” hereinafter, although they have recently redenominated themselves as the “Community of Christ.”

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