I Blame Hepzibah next

No, she didn’t really reach out of her grave, grab me by the throat,
and call me a turkey for neglecting my amazing family heritage.
But the outcome is very much as if she had.

It’s quite a story. My children and theirs and theirs really need to know it.
Maybe you’ll enjoy it, too, even if we’re not kin.
Since 1998, when I met Granny Hepzibah, I’ve invested a lot of time and love
in this effort to put selected highlights of our family history
where you and they will be able to find them. And I’m vastly grateful to you
who’ve helped with content and organizational improvements.

at “Chankly
Anno Domini 2020
Yours faithfully,

Richard B “Andy” Anderson

I’ve collected, borrowed, and composed this material over twenty years or so, visiting a number of places where our ancestors are remembered as founders and early settlers, assembling my own illustrated life history and documenting important people and places in our family history.
This account has come together in twenty-one sections; everything I’ve included, after a few pages of introduction, indexes, and story-summaries, resides in one section or another. Each section can stand alone as a hypertext treatment of its topic in words and images. Taken together, the section list constitutes a top-level Table of Contents:
Sections next
It’s all linked together as hypertext: as a surname, place, or occasion gets mentioned, you can often jump to related material with a click.
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My personal history occupies much the largest Section, entitled somewhat whimsically
Such A Life n

Five chronological Chapters and Chapter Six: People tell my own story and accord loving mention to other participants in the saga. Each subsection has its own page index, linked at the bottom of each page. Near the bottom of each page, a link to the overall subsection index appears under the Section link.
Significant people, places, and story elements appear throughout the collection, and I’ve tried to pull them together in indexes, so that you can follow stories and other elements of interest across pages and Section boundaries.
Indexes n
Stories n
It has seemed that every question my research answers raises three new questions, often equally fascinating, and I clearly won’t live to see the process converge and the endeavor complete. A most frustrating thought, were I not prayerfully confident that you will find, in good time, the contagion as fascinating as I have, ever since Granny Hepzibah shook me up and infected me. I’ve scattered throughout this account little green notations that suggest avenues for further research.
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