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It’s all linked together as hypertext: as a surname, place, or occasion gets mentioned, you can often jump to related material with a click. I’ve put links here and there in the text, and in the margins, where I think you might like to go:
  • “Back” and ”Next” links take you through the current section; following them, you’ll usually see everything I’ve put there. Right and left arrows at the top of each page have the same function.
  • “Home” links return you to the beginning of the section; I’ve tried to make it so that you can always return within a few steps to the central navigation screens.
  • When you want to go back where you were immediately before, use your browser’s “Back” button (or, on many computers, the backspace key).
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If the names don’t tell you enough, you’ll find fuller descriptions here. The Stories outline index pulls together related bits and pieces across section boundaries.

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I’ve also tried to index the content every which way:

Links to these indexes appear on every page in the collection. If you can think of another organization that would respond better to your desires, please enlighten me, at

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