COVID-19, dammit!
As the last winter of the second decade of the Third Millennium AD gave way at last to glorious blossoms of horse chestnut and Eastern redbud at Chankly, I was still rejoicing in thrice-weekly 6 a.m. hydrotherapy at Wasatch Peak Physical Therapy in Layton. Bicycling on Hepzibah, it wasn’t, alas, but I could still maintain a modicum of senile fitness without having to bring to the effort the level of equilibrium to which I waved a regretful and durable good-bye in April 2014.
Then, on March 13, they declared COVID-19 a national emergency, and Eden from Wasatch Peak called to announce closure of the pool until further notice.


Y’know, apart from that, this whole social-distancing and masking nonsense hasn’t really had any impact on my daily doings. Except for Sunday-go-to-meetin’ (which also collapsed) it’s been years since anybody has much wanted to spend time with me or otherwise to clutter my wide-open calendar. That’s how I’ve been able to give myself almost totally and altogether prayerfully to family history and this web-chronicle.
Did try walking, for a few weeks, monitored by my beloved iPhone, but biking never generated such levels of pain, and I cringe at each little notification that flashes across my screen anent the evils of the sedentary life.

Well, when the pestilence hit, I revisited perforce my plans for the 2020 installment of “Such a Life.” Before COVID-19 hid everybody’s face behind a mask, these had been the entries in this year’s “Events” folder in my e-mail directory:
200124Oliver & Hannah breakthrough
200327Ministry Supper
200403French Missions Reunion
200512Valerie to Frankfurt
200514Mayflower Banquet
200615Bryan & Dani
200801Zannah’s mission
200923MB Visit
The Big Family History Breakthrough happened serendipitously, and I recorded it at the end (page Oliver-34) of the OliverAndHannah Section that it culminated. H’ray!

I conducted the virtual conclave of my beloved Paris Mission Home Comité at the end of February and recorded it here. Seldom have I been so glad not to have procrastinated.
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