Tucker comes home
We’re plenty proud of our Elder Tuckster: Tucker Gabriel Anderson. He was called initially to the Utah, Provo Mission and then transferred to Oklahoma, Oklahoma City. As chronicled enthusiastically in his e-letters, he thrived and served powerfully in both fields of labor. As you might infer from the lower photo, COVID cut his mission very slightly short, but he made the most of his opportunities.

I’ve always hated those masks: it’s a particular shame to conceal those wonderful missionary smiles.
Oath He loved “the Quah”, the city of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, headquarters of the Cherokee Nation. I take it as a tender mercy that he was serving there just as my McLean descendancy research took me to his fifth cousin, three generations back, Doctor Louis Henry Bally, who had earned a place in Who’s Who for his labors as dean of instruction at Northeastern State College in Tahlequah. Elder Tucker looked up his home and his grave there.
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