The McLean Descendancy
The Fisher Descendancy research project that I declared complete at the end of 2014 aimed to pull together the descendants of Johann Peter Fischer (1698–1775) and Anna Maria Jung (1701–1775), the immigrant paternal ancestors of my Great Grandma Elizabeth Jane Fisher Seely. I then turned my attention to William McLean (1702-1785) and Elizabeth Rule (1707-1784), the immigrant ancestors of her mother, Evaline McLean and set out to document their descendants as well, and to obtain Temple blessings for any that may hitherto have been overlooked.
Elizabeth Jane Fisher
Evaline McLean
Now, in 2020, after six years of labor on our McLean cousins, I’m finding that others have already done a large fraction of their temple-oriented work, so that I can often spend a day adding fifty to a hundred cousins to my file without finding anybody who still needs to find a place in FamilySearch. I may well come back and extend this collection further. It’s an enormous progeny, and they’re my cousins, and I love them. But for the time being, I’ve decided to lay it aside and spend some time on my Russell cousinage. It may be even larger, and it may not yet have been as well served by other Latter-day Saint researchers.

So, I’ll now summarize my McLean findings, as I did in 2014 their Fisher counterparts, considering this a progress report of possible value to other investigators.
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