2015—Fisher Descendancy
The Year of Our Lord 2015 at Chankly was a time of quiet research and recuperation. Daily routine centered around family history research, in which the Munroe descendancy that had occupied me since the turn of the millennium had given way to another project: Fisher descendancy.

My sixth great-grandparents Johann Peter Fischer (1698–1775) and Anna Maria Jung (1701–1775) immigrated from the Rheinland in the early 1730s and settled in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Between 1725 and 1739, they contributed five sons and two daughters to the pioneer population of the Colony. Thousands of their descendants today enjoy the blessings of liberty in the United States, and some have scattered abroad to other parts of the world. My descent from them:
Johann Peter Fischer (1698-1775) and Anna Maria Jung (1701–1775); their son
Tunis Anthony Fisher (1725-1800); his son
Joseph Fisher (1747-1835); his son
Jesse Fisher (1774-1850); his son
Joseph A Fisher (1801-1867); his daughter
Elizabeth Jane Fisher {1839-1885); her son
Arta McLean Seely (1874-1945); his daughter
Leola Seely (1910-1968); and me, her son
Richard Bryan Anderson
Between 2015 and 2018, my daily researches assembled a collection of those descendants, their spouses, and the parents of their spouses which I have stored as a Reunion* family file:
Jobiska/Content Archive/Opera/181221 Fisher Descendancy.familyfile12
The file documents 27,849 persons, of whom 8,955 are direct blood descendants of Peter and Anna. Another 5,032 are spouses of those descendants, and 6,775 are parents of those spouses. The other 7,087 found their way into the record for other reasons.
I did the research in Ancestry.com, creating public trees named Fisher Descendancy and Fisher Increments, the latter containing the most recent additions, which I started when the original tree became too large for convenience, contributing new findings to the FamilySearch Family Tree as they appeared. The Reunion file was created by merging the two Ancestry trees via GEDCOM format.

*Reunion for Macintosh 12.0, Leister Productions Inc.
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