Appendix: Rennes
Pappy took a bunch of pictures at a Saturday evening Soirée de Talent at Le Mans District Conference. These kids (their skit seems to have been called “Ballons”) came from Rennes: I know, because I still recognize two of them from five years earlier. Front and center, in a pointy hat, sings Michel Delétang, the cute, irrepressible monkey from ’way back de mon vivant. Behind the haloed girl at his left (our right), you can just half-see Michel’s once-upon-a-time inseparable buddy in the branch, Élisabeth Renaud, daughter of Marcel, the marvelous branch president whom I was honored in 1962 to serve as counselor. Élisabeth stands at right in the lower photo. They appeared together here, at the branch Christmas fête in 1961. No idea, of course, what relationship may persist between these two, but it’s fun to see them on the same stage. Wish I’d been there. 3569fewRennes.jpg
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