East and West
From the Charles River Esplanade, on the Boston side, here are East Campus, at left, and what one might (but nobody does) call Far East Campus. At left, 100 Memorial Drive; center, the MIT Sloan School of Management.*
The west side of the Campus (never heard it called West Campus) extends a long way up the river to the west. That’s the Great Dome at far right. Mass Ave (only furriners and bureaucrats call it Massachusetts Avenue) crosses the Charles on the so-called Harvard Bridge.
*In 1958, I think I recall, the Sloan building was still a Lever Brothers soap factory. When we would step outdoors in East Campus in the early morning, we would comment on the distinctive blend of aromas from the manufactures of soap, chocolate (Necco and Brigham’s), and rubber (Goodyear, I think). Within a few years, MIT’s growth would swallow up all of them except Necco (the New England Confectionery Company, on Mass Ave).
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