Main Campus
I showed you the Great Dome already, but from that angle you couldn’t see what we then called The Great Court, in front of it. Framed on three sides by the Main Buildings, and open to Memorial Drive and the Charles River on the south, it is in every sense the epicenter of the MIT campus.*

These days, and I gather for a long time now, the Great Court is known as Killian Court, named after President James Killian, who was in charge when I arrived in 1958.
Looking across the river from Boston, westward from the Green Building, Walker Memorial, and the water side of the Sailing Pavilion to the Great Dome and the mostly tree-concealed Main Buildings. One Tech dinghy has spread its triangular wing.
* I borrowed the small photo, with thanks, from Wikipedia. Hope they don’t mind. It would seem to be in the spirit of their admirable enterprise that they wouldn’t. But somebody please let me know if I’ve misunderstood.
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