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Further evidence fills in the details. Historic records reveal that the Sawyer and Jaquish families were pioneers of the Freedom area and close neighbors of the Wheelers in the village of Elton.

In the 1835 New York State Interdecennial Census, the listings for Freedom, Cattaraugus County, showed our Grandpa Oliver Wheeler at the head of a family of two, his son Benjamin F living next door with three females, and Hazen Jaquish (four males, three females) on the other side.
At this time, the Jaquishes’ son Azro would have been 16, Chauncy about 7, and Sally 6. By the time (1850) that the Census came to list individual family members, only Chauncy (then 22) still lived in Hazen’s and Emily’s household in Freedom. By 1860, they were empty-nesters, having emigrated to Livingston County, Michigan, where they were pioneering settlers (once again! Courageous folks, they!) and neighbors to these three grown children.

Azro, while still in Freedom, had married our first cousin (4 times removed) Malvina Sawyer,1 the oldest child of Caleb and our formerly-mysterious Aunt Clarissa Caroline Wheeler Sawyer. Reading between the lines just a little bit, Caleb and Caroline Sawyer show up in the 1830 census as newlyweds in Freedom. Their first two children, Malvina and Henry (his grandma Hannah seems to have called him Oliver), came before they left Cattaraugus County. Malvina, indeed, grew up and married there.

Then the young Sawyer family joined with Hazen Jaquish and his extended family as pioneers in new settlements opening up in Michigan. In Green Oak and Hamburg, Livingston County, Michigan, two more little Sawyers were born. Since George came in his mother’s last year, one suspects she may have died giving him birth. And there the Jaquish and Sawyer families grew up.

1If the researcher may be permitted a brief self-reference, I must confess to warm feelings of gratitude toward my cousin Malvina for her kindness in marrying Azro Jaquish. Only another family researcher, blessed as I am with a plethora of beloved Browns, Smiths, and Andersons, can form a notion of the blessing it is to have Jaquishes to chase, for a change.

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