When, as rarely happens, Valerie and I are invited to address our congregation, we NEVER start out, as many do, complaining about the burden such an assignment imposes. While on our mission together in France, indeed, we developed a possibly-sinful taste for speaking from the pulpit. At length. Sometimes to the distress of Elder Mitt Romney, when he was in charge of meetings around the Mission, and we’d play fast and loose with our assigned durations. Which may go some way toward explaining why it’s been a long time since we were last so invited…

Be that as it may, I relished the opportunity to speak on the 8th of July, 2012 in the Fox Pointe Ward, and on “Providence,” a topic to which my soul resonates and a principal overarching topic of this collection. I very seldom write out my discourses, ’specially since France, but I did write this one and preserved the whole text in this PDF:
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