Llaura on her Llama
Well, I don’t claim any fame as a magician Photoshopper, but this was a fun project:
Date: August 25, 2012
To: Richard Anderson

Dad, We had our camp wrap up activity this week and saw a slide show of all the camp pictures.  I was dying, waiting to see what the girls’ reactions would be.  So it got all the way to the end of the slide show and it said, “wait there’s one more.”  pause…the picture slowly scrolled up and then everyone screamed! 

I couldn’t help but jump up and wave my arms around and yell.  It was fun! And they immediately wanted to see it again.
Several girls said that it made their whole day.  The certificate I was awarded for camp was the “Riding a llama in a swimsuit award” and that was not even knowing about the picture. The next day one of the camp leaders texted me a picture of a llama saying that they were at the zoo, saw the llamas and had to laugh! Anyway, it was a big success but I'm not sure what the 2 bishops who were there thought:)

Thanks a million!
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