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Not all our interesting uncles are kings or great preachers. We know very little about Uncle Eli Wheeler, but what we do know makes him noteworthy. Born in Hillsborough, New Hampshire, during the Revolution, Uncle Eli shows up in the 1850 U.S. Census as a 70-year-old laborer, still in Hillsborough. As far as we know, he never left his home town, where he’s buried under this modest stone.

Eli married Lydia Carter. Not sure just when, but probably not very young. He was already 40 years old at the birth of their first child, our cousin Benjamin. If we have the date right (as may not be the case), Cousin Edith was a posthumous child, born after his death at age 73.
All eight of their children lived to marry: a real accomplishment, in frontier New England. Eli, Jr., married twice.

Here’s how we connect to Eli and his family. He was an older brother of 4th Great Grandpa Oliver Wheeler III, who left Hillsborough (as Eli apparently never did) shortly after the birth of his daughter, our 3rd Great Grandma Harriet Page Wheeler.

They were sons of our 5th Great-Grandparents Oliver Wheeler II and Hepzibah Munroe. This Oliver wore a sword at Concord Bridge, the day the Revolution started.

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