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This very distinguished uncle fought in the American Revolution and, in company with his brothers, took a major part in determining the boundaries of Pennsylvania and neighboring states, including the famous Mason-Dixon Line. He was subsequently an original settler of what would become Fayette County, Pennsylvania and an important citizen of its county seat, through the rest of his long life.
It’s now 2020, and I’ve devoted some years to pursuing the vast descendancy of Uncle Alexander’s parents, our fifth great-grandparents William MacLean (1702-1785) and Elizabeth Rule (1707-1784), immigrant third maternal grandparents of Elizabeth Jane Fisher Seely Seely, my mother’s father’s mother.* They came from Ireland and Scotland, respectively, and settled in the 1730s at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, later famous for more distressing reasons.

Our cousin James Hadden published in 1913 A History of Uniontown, The County Seat of Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He devoted eleven pages (778-788) to an extensive sketch of Uncle Alexander’s life. The whole book is at your disposal on the Web, linked above. I’ve downloaded the eleven pages to my computer as a pdf and would link it for you, separately, if I knew how. But they’ve made the downloading easy, in case you care to do it for yourself.

*Following upon a parallel project investigating her other (paternal) immigrant ancestors, the Fishers, who came from the Rheinland to New Jersey, in the early 1700s.
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