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The house labeled “S. H. No 14,” on the map, sits just outside the Wheeler property to the north; the shot below looks southward toward the Wheeler house. An earlier map1 designates the red house as “S. H. No 3.” All seem agreed that it was a schoolhouse for many years. Now, we know that Grandma Harriet Page Wheeler Decker was an experienced schoolmarm before 1820. What could be more natural than that she might have run a school from their home, during the pioneering days of the Town of Freedom?
According to this speculative scenario, which we’re still researching, the Deckers were granted (or purchased) about 1827 a farm of undetermined extent, with its southwest corner at the main intersection of Elton. Village. The record does say that they applied. They then carved out a 1.13-acre houselot there, “in town,” for the parental homestead, locating the main farmhouse/schoolhouse just up what we now call Marble Springs Road.
1…on the wall of the Cattaraugus County Historical Museum and Research Library.

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