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Looking east across Main along Sidney Street, with the north side of Block 147 to the right. The street itself vanishes for this block, then resumes in the distance. Plenty of room here, it would appear, for Porter to have been building. But that wouldn’t have been, strictly speaking, next to the Mansion House. Clearly need some disambiguating research, here. Rigdon House?
Main and Water Another shot of the intersection of Main and Water Streets, this time looking westward, with the Nauvoo House and the river in the background and the Mansion House hitching rail and picket fence at the left. The RLDS tour sign stands on the corner where they (the RLDS) say Uncle Porter Rockwell set up a barber shop in 1844, after his
really nasty imprisonment experience in Missouri. Talk about location, location, location…This would have been after Emma wasn’t willing that Porter earn his living as the Mansion House bartender.
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