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Rockwell homestead
This was Uncle Orrin Porter Rockwell’s main homestead lot, on the northeast corner of Munson and Partridge. Easily recognized nowadays by the monument.

I’ve encountered fragmentary and conflicting stories about Porter’s Nauvoo tenancy . Maybe somebody who sees this can straighten me out.
  • The Land and Records Office lists Porter as a tenant in Block 147, bounded by Main, Hyde, Sidney, and Water Streets. That's the block that contains the Mansion House.

  • Bruce Olsen says, if I remember correctly, that Joseph climbed onto the unfinished foundations of Porter’s house next door to the Mansion House to deliver his final public address before heading for Carthage.

  • The RLDS folks say that Porter set up a barber shop on Main Street between the Mansion House and the Nauvoo House, where the Bidamon stable would later be built. Maybe that’s the tenancy. But it’s not Block 147.
Nobody says so, but one wonders whether Joseph might have arranged for Porter’s tenancy, whatever it was, by way of compensation for Emma’s lack of hospitality in the matter of the Gentlemen’s Parlor…
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