back …we shall be butchered. back
he was fleeing to save his life and in doing so was leaving the people to the mercy of the mob was more than he could stand. His answer to these accusers was: “If my life is of no value to my friends, it is of none to myself.”

Turning to Rockwell he said: “What shall I do?” Rockwell answered, “You are the oldest and ought to know best; and as you make your bed, I will lie with you.”

Turning to Hyrum the Prophet said, “Brother Hyrum, you are the oldest, what shall we
do?” Hyrum replied, “Let us go back and give ourselves up, and see the thing out.” The Prophet remained in deep reflection for some moments and then said, “If you go back I will go with you, but we shall be butchered.” Hyrum said,“ No, no; let us get back and put our trust in God, and we shall not be harmed. The Lord is in it. If we live or have to die, we will be reconciled to our fate.”(3)

So they returned and Joseph Smith notified Governor Ford that he would be ready to go to Carthage the next day.

Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois
Statues of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, who were murdered upstairs in the jail house in the background. Above the sloping roof of the summer kitchen, you can see the window from which Joseph jumped/fell; the well against which the mob propped him up to shoot him again is barely visible at left, through the trees. Carthage

(3) Joseph Fielding Smith, Church History and Modern Revelation, Vol 4, pp.193-4 (paragraphing and emphasis mine)

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