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Lucy Ann Decker Seely Young
The four acres across Durphy street here comprised Block 121, the eastern half of which (Lots 2 and 3) is recorded as having belonged to Brigham Young. Lot 3 is also recorded under the name of great-great-grandma Lucy Ann Decker Seely. Unclear whether those attributions were simultaneous or sequential.
Great-great-grandpa William Seely’s not mentioned, perhaps indicating that they were separated before Lucy took up residence in Nauvoo, apparently a year or more before 15 June 1842, when she became Brigham’s first wife in polygamy.

This part of Durphy Street is now the main highway into town. East of Durphy, the old roads and lots have all been obliterated and re-used. Including Block 121, which is part of the State Park campground.
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