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In the neighborhood called Riverside, in East Providence, Rhode Island…

Michael Znosko
…the Ancient Little Neck Burying Ground takes some finding. It’s worth the trouble, though, inasmuch as it encloses the seventeenth-century resting places of some of our most distinguished colonial immigrant ancestors: Worshipful John Browne and his wife Dorothy, the founders of this community in colonial times; and their daughter Mary Browne Willett, and her husband Thomas Willett, the first mayor of New York City.

We owe to Mr. Michael Znosko the beautiful large-format map of the Ground that appears on the next page. Michael chairs the Ancient Little Neck Cemetery Commission—as close to a sexton as this historical treasure seems to possess. When Valerie and I visited in the fall of 2007, he was extremely kind and helpful to us, and we look forward to learning from him again this year (2009).
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