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Wamsutta, who was the reigning sachem of Pokanoket. Plymouth gave him liberty to purchase lands there, as long as he did not antagonize the Indians in doing so…

On January 8, 1669, Thomas Willet’s wife, Mary Brown, died at their home in the Plymouth Colony. She was buried at Swansea. The gravestone of Mary Willett bears the following inscription:
On the head stone On the foot stone
Here lyeth ye body of
the Vertuous Mrs. Mary
Willett wife to Thomas
Willett Esqr. who died
January ye 8 about ye 65th
year of her age. Anno.

Daughter to
ye Worfl. John
Brown Esqr.
[p. 11] Captain Willett married a second time, on September 19, 1671, he married Mrs. Joyce Pruden.


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Hope this isn’t too pushy coming from someone who isn’t related. Source: “A Genealogical History Of The Rubel, White, Rockfellow, McNair And Allied Families,” by Jack P. Rubel, published 1977.


Thomas Willett (Sr.) of Yormouth, Norfolk County, England, was one of the Leydon Congregation of Separatists who had escaped from England and settled in Holland, to find freedom to worship as they pleased. From this group came the “Saints”, who journeyed to the New World in the “Mayflower” in 1620, the first of several ships of that name, and established the colony of Plymouth. These early settlers hoped to prosper and eventually to
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