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from Azro and Malvina Jaquish
This chart adds representatives of two later generations to the progeny of Azro and Malvina Jaquish. Malvina, named in her grandmother’s probate affidavit, was the firstborn of Caleb and Caroline.

Donald, born about 1912, was a great-great-great grandson of Oliver and Hannah. That makes him my fourth cousin, once removed, inasmuch as I’m their four-greats grandson.
The pioneering party that “removed” from Cattaraugus County, New York, to Livingston County, Michigan, around 1835, also included Uncle Azro’s brother Chauncy Jaquish and their sister Sally. All the records indicate that they remained for generations as a coherent extended family in Michigan. So, in the interest of getting their collective story straight, I’ve included their families in my research, even though we’re kin by marriage, not by blood. Their descent from Amos and Polly Jaquish appears in the chart on the next page.
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