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A(n) hypertext document such as this gives you a lot of freedom to jump around. Having jumped, however, it can be hard to get back where you were. So, I’m putting at the bottom of each page a Contents link back here. Your browser, of course, probably lets you back up freely through the pages you’ve recently visited.

You can look at the story I’m telling, moreover, from a number of angles.* Any imaginable “Table of Contents” would serve some points of view better than others. So, I’m providing several summaries and contextual aids as the associated issues come up, as well as my usual Page Index.
  • A short version of the story: one page, with links, for those who choose to live their lives in headlines;

  • The “full sequence”: The whole story, running linearly from Frontispiece and a few maps through an Epilogue. Follow from page to page by clicking the right and left arrows at the top of each page,** and you’ll see everything I’ve put here.

  • Some timelines, emphasizing specific themes chronologically:

  • Maps showing where the action took place.

  • Page Index outlining the pages in their sequence.
Each of these presents a different angle and emphasis. Hope they help. Feedback will be appreciated. If you don’t like them at all, I’ll quit working so hard.

*Have I constructed an elephant?
**Or, equivalently, the "Back a Page" and "Next Page" links at the bottom of each page.

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William and Mary
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