Hermana Olsen!
Zannah and I, waiting
After our Zannah “put in her papers,” we all shared her anxious expectation. When COVID hit and tons of missionaries, particularly in foreign lands, were sent home early, we worried that our third grandchild with righteous missionary desires might miss out on the opportunity that had been such a blessing to me, Valerie, Rick, Bryan, Bethany, and Tucker. She’d been enrolled in the LDS Business College in Salt Lake, and we’d reveled in her delightful proximity.
Then, on June 2, THE LETTER arrived, via e-mail. I was granted the privilege of printing it and sealing it in an envelope, but NOT that of reading it, until we were gathered at Chankly that evening. Then, of course, the customary hugs and rejoicings: She’s called to serve in the Peru Lima Centeal Mission, Spanish-speaking. Entered the (online) Missionary Training Center (MTC) 28 August and appears here with two foreverandever friends, the sister missionaries then currently assigned to Keokuk. Hermana
Hermana Zannah and friends
She’s invited us, of course, to make a family activity out of a Temple Square tour. It’s the fourth of December, now, and the lights are all up, constrained by the reconstruction work on the Temple. It’ll be fun to see how they work around that.
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