11 Hearthstone Drive
And while we were inventorying the past, we thought it only suitable that we pause and snap an up-to-date image of the first house we ever bought, 11 Hearthstone Drive in Burlington. It was four years old back then; now it’s Jack Benny’s age.

On earlier visits we’d already noted that subsequent owners had ripped out the gardens we’d broken our backs to install. New England has always had a reputation for rocky soil, but we gained a full, deep-down appreciation of that reality. The garden to the left of the driveway boasted an outcropping of bedrock that we sort of planted around…
I hadn’t recalled that the place had accreted a cancerous growth where the kitchen door used to be. But we were relieved to note that it hadn’t fallen down on account of the main structural beam in the basement ceiling that just stopped, half-way across. Its end was supported by a four-inch iron pipe. Probably still is. We were glad and relieved to move to a fine, old house whose builder made it to last.
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