Out Front, on Beacon Street
Valerie, by nature a child of light, found our Sieve and Crockery Jar gloomy and confining. When she talks about it, to this day (2010), that’s much of what she remembers. But we did emerge from the Victorian depths to the famous loveliness and brilliance of the Hub of the Universe. Rather frequently and adventurously. Partly because I enjoyed creating it, I treasure and here present some solid evidence to that effect.

On the right, my sunny darling in front of our digs, seemingly coiffed by a spring-blooming magnolia such as had then become typical only recently in Boston’s Back Bay.

The moment captured in the shot below, in the same place, can’t have happened very far off in time; the affect remains bright, sweet, and (for me) nostalgic. Valerie’s wool coat suggests this was a separate photo-shoot occasion, which only bolsters my position that we did get out and enjoy this springtime, more than just once. Must confess, though, that I don’t recall those particular flowers emitting any outstanding fragrance. Maybe they just looked so much as if they shoulda. For olfactory gratification, I’ve tended to turn to lilacs.
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