Journal October 13, 1962
That’s the rue du MarĂ©chal Leclerc, seen at dawn from our new apartment upstairs at No 239. The misty courtyard across the street belonged, we were told, to an insane asylum. I took some ghostly photos of wisps of fog traveling across the courtyard away from the rising sun. One wisp actually appeared to climb the wall of a well and drop into it.
October 13—Our move from chez Besnard is turning out to have been a good decision. Our new landlord, M Barbolin, seems to be a good man; the apartment is cleaner; we’re finally away from the unhealthful canal; and our rent is a bit less, even though we now have more space. It’s a little farther from the middle of town, but that isn’t going to cause us any real trouble.

Two big stories are developing just now: the continuing saga of meeting places, and the issue of the District Clerk calling.

Having gone back to see M Chabot, as President Hinckley directed, I learned that the little house on the rue de Fougères was still available, but that the Prefecture had refused the requested permission to remodel. The only way we could get that building, it seems, would be to buy expensive new apartment space with the same square footage as what we proposed to change into a meeting hall, which would make the transaction cost something like $80,000! Fortunately, though, this isn’t the only deal that might meet our needs, for the Denot agency on rue Beaumanoir had shown me another place already zoned for professional use, which seems to me to be just as good as the other. President Hinckley has all the details for this one, as well as for the big property on the rue de Fougères, which is indeed for sale, as the notary told us last Wednesday.

The other big issue is whether I’m to be District Clerk. We should know by noon, for, [197] if President Desquines’ mail doesn’t bring any news on this subject, he wants me to call Paris to get clarification. It’s rather important for us to know, because we’ve scheduled a trip to visit Tours, Angers, and Le Mans, leaving this afternoon and being away all day tomorrow, and I won’t be able to accompany him without permission. …More, next page…
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