Journal September 13-26, 1962
September 13 (concluded) Barely got back in time to lead the first hymn of the 2 p.m. session. The choir wasn’t as good as at Angers. We’ll have to work harder on them, next time.

It’s a real shame that André missed the afternoon session: President Desquines spoke, as well as his new counselors and their wives. Finally, we had the privilege of hearing a few words from President Hinckley, which everybody found very moving.

Our return to Rennes was delayed until 10:30 by a baptismal service in Le Mans, where Elder Bennion baptized Mme Levilain and her two daughters. Several members got sick in the bus on the way back, but not seriously. Everybody’s happy, I believe, to have [187] gone to the conference.

André isn’t making progress, and I don’t know how we’re going to snag him. He’s strongly attached to his Catholic theater troupe, and I fear that their materialistic attitudes are poisoning him against a serious study of the Gospel. We haven’t yet managed to get him to read the Book of Mormon. We’ll get there, though. At least we haven’t given up.
September 14—I’m convinced that something important is getting ready to happen in our branch. Nearly all the members are being tried rather severely just now, and they are showing themselves strong or weak in very different degrees. I haven’t slept well for a while, for worrying about these Mormon children for whom I’m responsible.

We’re also preparing a big kickoff meeting for the MJM at a fireside on Sunday evening. This program [190] doesn’t help me sleep soundly, either.
September 26—Since our fireside on the 16th (Sunday before last), the MJM program is finally going marvelously. We have about 20 active MJM, just now. As we urged in the fireside, and also by the good work of group leaders Hubert Leroy and Yves Daviron, each MJM now asks the “golden questions” three times a day, writing down all the appointments they get on little yellow cards that we’ve prepared for the purpose.

Elders Lynn Mitton, Clint Robins, Gary Henderson, Pat Price, Bob Miller
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