Journal May 3-7, 1962
May 3 (continued)—The Leblancs are finally receiving us as they should. If their desire is sincere, they’ll [133] be baptized.

I add to my flower collection in this journal a bit of muguet (lily-of-the-valley) and a few yellow flowers of Breton ajonc (gorse) a sort of thicket brush indigenous to the region. Muguet is the springtime flower here; you give it to your beloved on the first of May. The Leroys gave this bunch to me when we were with them on Tuesday.
May 7—Jacques Leroy has been baptized at Angers. He came home unexpectedly on Saturday and said to his mother, “Hi, Mom. I’ve been baptized!” The family is finally all together in the Church.

And yesterday, Claude Leroy accepted the call to serve as first counselor to President Renaud of the branch. Now that Brother Desquines is in the district presidency, that position has been vacant since the first of April. Claude joined the Church only on February 18, but his testimony is strong, and he’s well prepared to take on these new duties. It will be up to me to show him the branch clerk job, so that he can take that over when I leave.

Yves Daviron was baptized at the Lande d’Ouée lake yesterday. It was cloudy all day, until his baptism, when the clouds broke and sunshine added to the warmth of the Spirit that the fifty people in attendance were feeling. By special permission from President Hinckley, Yves was ordained a deacon immediately after his confirmation.

At the Lande d’Ouée: Yves Daviron, Josette Leroy, Annick Leroy, Georgette Leroy, Marcel Renaud
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