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It’s not entirely clear where the Bacon family lived during all these events (1669-1672). If Leon Bacon has it right,* Michael was "of Billerica" by 1666. After July 1682, they apparently moved to Bedford. But the witnesses agreed that Bacon dragged Munroe’s bacon three miles through the snow to his own “yard.”

Please click on the map (or on the links below) to toggle a depiction of the three-mile circle around Munroe’s “Scotland,” and convince yourself that Bacon’s yard must have been in Woburn (which then included present-day Burlington, Wilmington, and Winchester). Just three miles separate, now as then, the site of “Scotland” from Woburn’s village center.
*Bacon, Leon Brooks, op. cit., pp 366-67: “He is recognized by his father in a deed dated Oct. 4, 1666, as his ‘loving son, Michael Bacon, Jun., of Billerica, shoemaker.’” I plan to revisit that deed, to make sure that we’re talking about the same Michael and the right date. If 1666, we’re sure only that this Billerica Bacon can not have been “Michael Billerica.
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