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To the Constables of Cambr. & Watertowne--

Whereas information is given that Michael Bacon, who brake the prison last night, was seene this evening in the woods probably will pass this night over the Bridge at watertowne to his uncle Daniel Bacon. In his Maties name you are required forthwith to make pursuit & search for him, & way lay the sd Bridge & house that so he may be stopt in his journey & returned to the place from whence he came. & hereof faile not at yr perill. Dat. 9-2-71 [illegible, blotted]
Thomas Danforth Assistt
In pursuit of this Hue and Cry I was with my self with foure men in night watch my Bridge 2 of them my self and the other 2 searching for him and so being returned by my [?] to your [?] I [?] to have [?] for the men and my selfe Young Symon Collidge
I’m interpreting the date on this document and its label as 9 April 1671, in accordance with Old Style dating.
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(Transcription of Mary’s letter)
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