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Uncle Amos Herr Neff (1825-1914), the third child and second son of my pioneer great great Grandparents John II and Mary Barr Neff, was a vigorous and long-lived pioneer in his own right. He came to Utah (or what would later be Utah) as a young man with his parents in 1847.

At 22, he was old enough to take an active part in the family’s first assigned project: to set up the pioneers’ first grist mill, in the foothills at Mill Creek. His father must have been glad of his help, inasmuch as his oldest brother (my great-grandfather, Franklin Neff) had stayed behind by assignment to run the mill at Winter Quarters. Next brother, Uncle Cyrus, lay buried in Winter Quarters. And Uncle Benjamin and Uncle John III were only 13 and 10, respectively.

The next year, he married Martha Ann Dilworth in the Old Fort, where Pioneer Park now stands in Salt Lake City. They had seven children before she died in 1862.
If we have the dates right, Uncle Amos entered into plural marriage only after his first wife died. And then only gradually: he married Catherine Elizabeth Thomas in 1864, and Eliza Ann Hughes only in 1875. Which didn’t spare him from five months’ imprisonment under the Edmunds-Tucker antipolygamy laws. It appears that Lorenzo Snow, later to preside over the Church, was a cellmate.
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