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Gee, you didn’t move closer to Kaysville, did you? Well, alas, I don’t get around much any more, as they say, and probably won’t get to visit you until we’re both on the better side of the Veil. Just had to come to a firm decision whether to accompany Valerie on her upcoming hegiras to Los Altos and Keokuk, and it appears that I’ll be banking the home fires at Chankly while she rejoices, solo, in her continuing mobility.

She, by the way, has long been a quilter acharnée. Has only recently abandoned her long-standing commitment to provide each new birth in Fox Pointe Ward with one of her own mini-mistresspieces. Sounds like she and Susie could have a lot to talk about.

And our oldest daughter, Cyndi (who turns 49 today) has long cherished a desire, in company with her second daughter, Lindsay, to qualify for Boston. Not yet, though, and it appears that the dread coronavirus may get in the way of that celebration.

Yes, your “What Is A (n oops!) Mormon” had indeed gone glimmering in my memory; thanks for reviving it. And I used to have a file of all the “Conversion Diaries” and Etoiles that bore my editorial signature, but I haven’t seen ’em in years. They may have gone to Special Collections at the BYU Harold B Lee Library, when they asked for my “papers.” Sorry not to be able to contribute those to the resurrection of your mission memorabilia (dang Sharon, anyhow!), but you’re most welcome to anything you might be able to glean from my first-mission journal that starts here:

Mission to France
Reminiscently, your

The bravest of Beetles was next to chime in:

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